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Ary Lobo - Ary Lobo 1958-1966 LP

Ary Lobo - Ary Lobo 1958-1966 LP

Analog Africa (Germany)

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“Whoever has been following the musical movements happening within our culture, must have noticed this young singer hailing from the North of Brazil. An absolute master of Baião, Côco, Batuque and other related musical genres and the owner of an art one hundred percent his own, Ary Lobo is the ideal interpreter of northeastern songs"

These words taken from the original liner notes of Ary Lobo’s first LP recorded in 1958 are in no way exaggeration. Ary Lobo’s achieved a level of national fame unique for his time. As an interpreter of more than 700 songs his records brought him great notoriety. For black and mulato artists coming from impoverished contingent of Brazilian society, the ability to play a leading role in the world of radio, recordings and live performances was a significant achievement.

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