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Aries - Juramento Mantarraya LP

Aries - Juramento Mantarraya LP

K Records

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Isa Fdez. Reviriego defends her song that states "doing nothing" is a sublime pleasure; the truth is Isabel herself finds it very difficult to stay still. In the last year, she soundtracked the Playstation video game Melbits World and a short film for Stella McCartney and provided singing voices for the Spanish-language version of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.

In 2011, Isa discovered a melodic, kaleidoscopic, punk and unpredictable universe inside her head - one in which Brian Wilson's melodies and Leon Tolstoi's law-breaking final messages - could happily dance hand in hand to electronic rhythms. She called it Aries, after her zodiac sign. Her fourth/latest album, Juramento Mantarraya, released by K in North America, is a collection of beautiful melodies, a combination of violins, flutes, industrial sounds, and chest-rattling bass. Isa and co-producer Jose Vazquez create an exciting mixture of soul and free-jazz rhythms, melodies from the girl groups of the 60 s, sunshine pop, Spanish folk, and experimental electronics. Combining her precious voice and the sounds of the Galician Coast, where she creates, she speaks of friendship, love, and the beauty of error. A collection of dazzling intervals created by someone who knows that only those who are as excited taking a walk as composing melodies can reach people's hearts. 

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