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Alceu Valenca - Molhado De Suor LP

Alceu Valenca - Molhado De Suor LP

Vampisoul (Spain)

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Vampisoul present a reissue of Alceu Valença's Molhado De Suor, originally released in 1974. In the early '70s Tropicalia was going strong, a challenge to both the music establishment and the state. Música Popular Brasileira (or MPB) was firmly established. Up in the northeastern corner of Brazil, centered in Recife, was another exciting strain of Brazilian culture called Udigrudi. Molhado De Suor is the first solo effort by Alceu Valença, mixing traditional northeastern Brazilian music and rhythms with folk rock and psychedelia. Aided by Lula Cortes and Geraldo Azevedo, Valença's rich vocals combine with driving guitar work, moody arrangements and unusual trips, successfully integrating the sounds of his native region, Pernambuco. Sought-after Brazilian classic Molhado De Suor was originally released in 1974 on Som Livre. Valença followed its release with many albums, each one establishing him as not only superstar. Reissued again after being unavailable for years.

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