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Alabaster DePlume - Come With Fierce Grace LP

Alabaster DePlume - Come With Fierce Grace LP

International Anthem Recording Co.

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Vinyl Edition

When we are boldly and sincerely requested as ourselves, as whoever we may be, we can, in response to one-another, create naturally, things that no-one could have ever specifically demanded we deliver. In order to record the compositions in his critically acclaimed 2022 release GOLD, Alabaster instilled a culture of creativity by leading his ensembles in spontaneous composition and development. To allow them to be present, he kept them constantly creating. This resulted in an abundance of material that he has since produced and arranged, resulting in this collection. It is a piece made entirely of authentic, un-stipulated - yet welcomed - human interaction. It is similar to how elements in nature contribute to shared work and beauty without conscious motive - a bee's own motives result in the delivery of pollen. As Alabaster says himself, "The great thing wants to happen, let us allow it to happen" On his first trip to the US Alabaster collected messages from individuals, to be delivered to the hearts of his audiences. One, who preferred to remain anonymous, encourages us to "come with fierce grace" Composed in the act of performance by and with: Alabaster Deplume - tenor sax, guitar, synths and voice Falle Nioke - voice, percussion Rozi Plain - guitar Sarathy Korwar - drums, tabla Tom Skinner - drums Kenichi Iwasa - percussion James Howard - guitar Tom Herbert - double bass Natalie Pela - voice Rosa Slade - voice Elly Condron - voice Luisa Gerstein - voice Matt Webb - double bass Michael Chestnutt - synths Ursula Russell - drums Conrad Singh - guitar Hannah Miller - cello and voice Donna Thompson - voice Matthew Bourne - piano Momoko Gill - lead vocal Ruth Goller - bass

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