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1970s Film Stock - Third Anthem LP

1970s Film Stock - Third Anthem LP


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Third Anthem represents the culmination of the first six years of the 1970s Film Stock experience. Planned for some time, the album is a kaleidoscopic sonic departure from previous Film Stock recordings. Not only because it has three songs with vocals, more orchestration than improvisation, and the guitars being a bit more ROCK on some of the tunes, but also because this album was produced in a studio proper and is being pressed to vinyl — a Film Stock first.

Recording started the very weekend U.S. COVID lockdowns began in March of 2020. It was a long and unsure journey to completion, but using safety guidelines we resumed mixing and overdubs in the fall, then again in the late-winter/early-spring of 2021.

I hope you enjoy the journey of Third Anthem, and that it can provide some solace, some excitement, and perhaps become a personal soundtrack as you navigate this crazy world.

-Eddie Garcia

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