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12 Rods - If We Stayed Alive LP

12 Rods - If We Stayed Alive LP

American Dreams Records

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If We Stayed Alive is the first LP from legendary Minneapolis band 12 Rods - and presents their first new music in twenty-two years. It’s an excellent introduction to one of the most acclaimed, talked-about bands of the turn of the century, and what some have called one of the best indie bands of the ‘90s. Pitchfork raved about Gay? and Split Personalities, and a collaboration with Todd Rundgren, 2000’s Separation Anxieties, followed. Bandleader Ryan Olcott wrote, recorded and played everything you hear on If We Stayed Alive. “To be honest,” he says, “I think it’s the best material I’ve had to offer so far.” Its sound, themes, mood are evergreen. It’s 12 Rods. It’s new. It’s everything we’ve waited for.

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