Special Order Run!

Special Order Run!

Hey friends! I'm going on a special order run next week with local distributor Redeye. Is there anything you need from any of the following labels? Anything you tried to grab off the site that you didn't see or you got hit with that teasing 'SOLD OUT' sign? Let me know by 12PM NOON MONDAY 4/13 and I'll have it for ya by Tuesday. bullcityrecords (at) gmail (dot) com.

4AD Records
6131 Records
Alive Records
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Burger Records
Domino Recording Co.
Don Giovanni Records
Drag City
Erased Tapes
Exploding In Sound Records
International Anthem
Jealous Butcher Records
Matador Records
Modern Harmonic
New West Records
Partisan Records
Saddle Creek
Soul Jazz Records
Sundazed Music
Three Lobed Recordings
Thrill Jockey
Warp Records
XL Recordings

A little further info: As many of you have noticed, we've been on a bit of an ordering freeze this month. So far I've only been ordering a minimal amount of records from one distributor every couple weeks or so, which has left us embarrassingly without some of the new releases you need and serious shortages in classic backstock. We've had to get ultra conservative with buying, for obvious reasons and I've been focusing on pushing what we currently have on the floor.

So! I wanted to try something. Instead of skipping another order next week, I want to test run a special order system. I'll tell you the distributor I'm making a run to and the various things we can get, and you tell me what you need from them! Please only ask for stuff you intend to buy. That's the only catch. I am only ordering what folks ask for, nothing more. We'll invoice ya right before they come in or right around when they come in.

I'll put the order through at noon on Monday, so ask away until then! Please just use the shop email at bullcityrecords (at) gmail (dot) com. We lose track of requests at the various other social media message spots. ;)

love, chaz.

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