Rent The Butch Willis Doc Amateur on Plastic!

Rent The Butch Willis Doc Amateur on Plastic!

Starting today, Friday, 8/21/20, thanks to Factory 25, you'll be able to rent the new doc on DC legend Butch Willis from the shop! Watch the trailer and read more on the film below.


“I’m asking myself, ‘Am I really a rock star, or am I just pretending?’ I’d like to have a Top 40 hit, but my career seems to be going in a different direction.”
— Butch Willis 1984, Washington Post


“Butch Willis’ quavering bleat evokes a herd of mistreated sheep.”
—Joe Sasfy, Washington City Paper
"DC legend Butch Willis is a bit difficult to explain. The long-lost child of Daniel Johnston and Bob Seger, raised in a basement by John Waters."
—Oscar Goff, Boston Hassle
“Butch Willis projects a disturbing tension.”
—Eddie Bronx 1984, Unicorn Times
“Butch Willis has a certain psychotic appeal.”
“Unbelievably inspired rockin’ dementia.”
—Forced Exposure
“Butch Willis is a psychopath.”
—Root Boy Slim

Butch Willis is a Washington, D.C. rock legend. Born and raised in 1960s suburban Maryland, Byron Henry "Butch" Willis came of age in the late '70s post-hippie subculture. After sharing an apartment with infamous local music icon Root Boy Slim, Butch was inspired to become a rock'n'roll star himself. The unique and unusual brand of "outsider music" that Butch Willis & The Rocks created captivated the local music scene beginning with their appearance at the seminal Primitive Night in 1984. AMATEUR ON PLASTIC chronicles Butch's life and career from the beginning all the way through to present day. It features a host of Butch-appointed band managers Joe Lee (Joe’s Record Paradise), Jeff Mentges (No Trend), Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot), and director Mark Robinson (Unrest/Teen-Beat). Also co-starring is Al Breon, the Rocks' innovative "throat guitarist." The film combines archival footage, interviews with Butch, and performances of his hit songs "Drugs," “The Garden’s Outside,” "TV's From Outer Space," and “The Girl's on My Mind."

Amateur on Plastic also parallels the 1990’s era of seminal indie record label Teen-Beat. Behind-the-scenes glimpses of the label’s concerts and private parties provide much of the background and feature members of the bands Unrest, Versus, Tuscadero and more. 

Appearances by : Butch Willis, Jeff Krulik, Mark Robinson, Gibby Haynes, Ian MacKaye, Guy Picciotto, Karl Hendricks, Brendan Canty, Phil Krauth, Logan Perkins, Joe Lee, Nancy Marion, Amanda Riecken, Al Breon, Ron "Blelvis" Wooten, Ray Wallace, Dean Evangelista, Jonathan "Cap'n Jon" Curlin, Jeff Mentges, Steve Lorber, Dick Bangham, Pat Carroll, John Heyn, Florence Willis, Phil Milstein, Ken Rudd, Keith Waldron, Curtis Lafley, Foster MacKenzie III, Adele Abrams, Karl Straub, Chris Callahan, Miguel Gomez, John Lindaman, Johanna Bauman, Pat Ramos, James Baluyut, Stuart Chandler, Alice Despard, Natalie Mencinsky, Tom Krauth, Charlotte Moore, Mat Lewis, Rob Christiansen, Jonny Cohen, Lauren Feldsher, Michelle Tiger, Jenny Toomey, Tracy Shedd and many more

Amateur On Plastic will not be available for rental or sale for several months, we wanted to make it accessible to you ON AUGUST 21st for home viewing. For less than price of a movie ticket, Factory 25 will email you a link to the film, which is viewable on any internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. (Instructions on how to view it on your television via AppleTV and Chromecast will also be available).
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