Pink Collar Jobs' Anthology Release

Pink Collar Jobs' Anthology Release

I'm beyond excited to announce that the first release for the Archive Series arm of Bull City Records Presents is a PINK COLLAR JOBS anthology! BCRP is a new digital label / collective run through the shop that is dedicated to releasing an album or EP a month from local and regional artists that we want more people to hear.

Pink Collar Jobs - Anthology on Bandcamp

I'd heard murmurs of Boone, NC's great Pink Collar Jobs since moving to North Carolina around 2005. A lot of folks from that community had relocated down to Durham over the years and brought with them stories of the inspiring 90s punk band, but no actual physical artifacts from the band ever made their way into the shop. I watched and waited. I was able to collect a few mp3s over the years and a burned CDR made its way across my desk a while back, but nothing official ever came through. Rats. So this dilemma is what has led to the formation of Bull City Records Presents' Archive Series. I needed more Pink Collar Jobs and I was excited to hear there were others out there who felt the same. 

After approaching bassist / vocalist Julie (who is in Durham bands Shipwrecker and Three Body Problem) about releasing a retrospective album for this new archival arm of Bull City Records Presents, the songs and scans of old flyers and pictures started to roll in. I was stoked that she was into the idea and even more stoked when she wrote back saying her scattered bandmates were also interested. Pieces of split releases were sent over as well as a few live recordings, but the kicker was an entire unreleased record the band recorded in 1997. The master tapes have since been lost, but we were able to extract the songs from an old dubbed cassette that one of Julie's Three Body Problem bandmates had in his collection. Thanks Geoffrey Berry! Members went on to form Durham's Shipwrecker and Three Body Problem, Asheville's Dead Things and Death to Cortez. 

So I hope you enjoy this little piece of North Carolina punk history as much as I do. Look for more upcoming editions of the Bull City Records Presents Archive Series! 


Pink Collar Jobs was a punk band from Boone, NC from 1995 to 1998. All students at Appalachian, we came together through our love of music and shared hatred of hippie jam bands dominating the mountain music scene. We tried to create a community in Boone welcoming to punks, indie and garage rockers, and emo kids by hosting shows in our houses and basements and our practice space – the Jesus Saves space. 

We played with amazing bands from all over NC and across the country and went on a few East Coast/Midwest tours. One tour was with our friends Rustweiler from Chicago. A couple of these songs are from our split 7” with them. We went down to Huntsville, Alabama to play with our pals Joey Tampon and the Toxic Shocks and released a split CD with them on their label Nation of Kids. We also toured with Griver from Chapel Hill and 27 Hours from Wilmington. 

Lynn and Jason distributed records through their Errand Boy project in the pre-streaming days and that connected us to lots of bands. Great bands we played with include: Divide and Conquer, the Karloffs, Heebie Geebies, Raw Clowns, Super Spies, The Nancies, Agent Ink, Excessive Defiance, Hardware, Eagle Bravo, Rainer Maria, and so many more. We have awesome memories of all those fun shows and our great friends and fans! 

We recorded one full length album with Seth Moody at Baby Ace studios in Wilmington, NC, but in true punk fashion, never released it. We are excited that you can hear it 20 years later. Special thanks to Chaz for having this idea and putting this out for us, Geoffrey Berry for digitizing all the old PCJ cassettes and being an awesome fan, and John “Blind Man” Doherty for documenting the scene and recording so many of our live shows in Boone. 

Julie, Lynn, Jason, and Landon

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