New Releases, Week of 7/14/17

New Releases, Week of 7/14/17

A few of the new things out this week...

Art Feynman - Blast Off Through The Wicker LP (Western Vinyl)
Blackout - The Horse LP (Riding Easy)
Boris - Dear 2LP (Sargent House)
Bressa Creeting Cake - Bressa Creeting Cake 2LP (Flying Nun Records)
Dasher - Sodium LP (Magenta Vinyl Edition) (Jagjaguwar Records)
Dauwd - Theory of Colours LP (Technicolour)
David Nance - Negative Boogie LP (Ba Da Bing)
Dunbarrow - Dunbarrow LP (Riding Easy)
Elder - Lore 2LP (Armageddon)
Flowers of Evil - City of Fear LP (Deranged Records)
Grayson Gilmour - Otherness LP (Flying Nun Records)
Hurula - Vapen Till Dom Hopplosa LP (Deranged Records)
Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet LP (Red Vinyl Edition) (Dead Oceans)
Keiji Haino - Watashi Dake? LP (Ltd Edition) (Black Editions)
Kendrick Lamar - Damn 2LP (Aftermath Entertainment)
Last Four Digits - Don't Move LP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl Edition) (Family Vineyard)
Lo Tom - Lo Tom LP (Barsuk Records)
Magnetix - Live in San Francisco LP (Castle Face)
Miles Mosley - Uprising LP (Verve Records)
Psychic Temple - IV LP (Hot Pink Vinyl Edition) (Joyful Noise)
Psychic TV - Allegory & Self LP (White Vinyl Edition) (Sacred Bones)
Psychic TV - Pagan Day LP (Red Vinyl Edition) (Sacred Bones)
Sextile - Albeit Living LP (Felte)
Shabazz Palaces - Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines LP (Ltd Loser Edition) (Sub Pop)
Shabazz Palaces - Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star LP (Ltd Loser Edition) (Sub Pop)
Sheer Mag - Need To Feel Your Love LP (Wilsuns RC)
SQURL - EP #260 12" (Sacred Bones)
Television Personalities - Mummy You're Not Watching Me LP (Fire Records (UK))
Television Personalities - The Painted Word LP (Fire Records (UK))
Television Personalities - They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles LP (Fire Records (UK))
Terry - Remember Terry LP (Upset the Rhythm (UK))
The Apples - Mind Twister LP (Odion Livingstone)
The Fall - Perverted By Language LP (Superior Viaduct)
The Stevens - Good LP (Chapter Music)
Us and Us Only - Full Flower LP (Topshelf Records)
Voight-Kampff - The Din of Dying Youth LP (Deranged Records)
Waxahatchee - Out in the Storm DLX 2LP (Ltd Dbl LP Edition) (Merge Records)
Yoko Ono - Approximately Infinite Universe 2LP (White Vinyl Edition) (Secretly Canadian)
Yoko Ono - Feeling the Space LP (White Vinyl Edition) (Secretly Canadian)
Yoko Ono - Fly 2LP (White Vinyl Edition) (Secretly Canadian)

...and a few more not listed here.

And here's a page with some of our shop favorites from this year so far!

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