Introducing Bull City Records Presents / Al Riggs Announcement

We're creating a new label / collective to spotlight local and regional acts through monthly digital releases. On the first of each month, Bull City Records Presents will showcase new recordings from a North Carolina artist or band, predominantly EPs with the occasional album, through Bandcamp and other streaming services. The hope is that each new release will bring more eyes to the collective as a whole, bringing each artist more exposure through the combined strength of the group. A percentage of the proceeds made through digital sales will also go towards the production of physical releases - cassette compilations, flexi singles, etc. We've got a lot of great underground music around here and we're excited to help push it on folks.

With that said, I am thrilled to announce that our very first release through Bull City Records Presents will be Hell House by the hyper-prolific Al Riggs. Because it's Al Riggs, the official release date will be Friday, October 13th. Friday the 13th. The digital release will be followed by a cassette release (with digital download) in November. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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