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Tigue - Strange Paradise LP

Tigue - Strange Paradise LP

NNA Tapes

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Strange Paradise is a collection of hypnotic compositions rendered in ecstatic complexity. Radiant, affirming and occasionally uncanny; the sound is an intricate patchwork of tones where instrumental lines and textures, like uniquely patterned autonomous organisms, shift in and out of alignment to produce a vibrating landscape. The compositions on Strange Paradise require a mode of “extended listening” - slow gradations of change between tone worlds of ambience, rhythm, minimal, and angularity. The music on Strange Paradise is constructed through human relationships, avoiding direct digitization. Tigue writes with a sense of primacy - together, in a room, with vibraphones, drums, synthesizers, gongs and garbage - where each sound stays intimately connected with it's personal signature. Throughout these tracks, Tigue (often identifying as a percussion trio) transcends the limitations and expectations of their instrumentation through ingenuity and collaboration to construct long form, trance-inducing soundscapes. In a sense, Strange Paradise is a luminous, abstract, non-narrative world that funnels inspiration from pattern, landscape, object, and relationships.

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