Honeyblood - Babes Never Die LP

Honeyblood - Babes Never Die LP

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"Recorded during several candle-burning stints at London's Fish Factory studios in the winter of 2016, Stina and Cat were joined by acclaimed producer James Dring, whose work with the likes of Jamie T and Gorillaz made him an intriguing choice for the Scottish duo. Make no mistake though, Babes... doesn't sound like anyone else but Honeyblood. The urgent lo-fi charm that defined their debut still pulses from its core. The band that burst forth from Glasgow's DIY underground scene just a few years ago, recording cassette tape releases in their bathrooms and hosting ad-hoc parties in disused hairdressers is still in tact; however, the evolution that's taken place is undeniable. An epically road-tested band and a dose of production finesse create a formidable combination.

Stina's songwriting truly has found a bright new spotlight on her band's second outing. Babes... is resplendent in the kind of effortless chant-a-long hoo ks that one by one will all soon become their own mantras. For a while now Honeyblood have been talked about as one of the most exciting new UK bands, but with Babes... you just get the feeling that before long they'll be simply be known as one of the most important bands around, period."

Tags: + indie + lo-fi + noise pop + scottish

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