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Alex Carpenter - Excavation Patterns LP

Alex Carpenter - Excavation Patterns LP

De la Catessen Records (Australia)

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De la Catessen Records presents a reissue of Alex Carpenter's Excavation Patterns, originally released by the Vanished Records imprint in a tiny CDr edition in 2005. This epic four movement work for electric guitar and delay is available on vinyl for the first time. Excavation Patterns is a uniquely pervasive touchstone of Adelaide's music culture, and has since put down roots around the world among devoted aficionados of minimalism, ambient music, and improvisation. At 52 sprawling minutes in length, Excavation Patterns follows De la Catessen's 2021 release of "Chord From The Second Delphic Hymn"/"Emerging Like An Infant From The House Of Truth" by Alex Carpenter's minimalist orchestra Music of Transparent Means (DLC 004LP). In contrast to that white-hot furnace of molten drones, Excavation Patterns reveals an achingly fragile and delicate side of Carpenter's work. Direct metal mastered and pressed by RAND in Leipzig; edition of 300 (hand-numbered).

Alex Carpenter is an Australian-born artist and researcher living in New York City. His large-scale minimalist orchestra Music of Transparent Means won notoriety in the early 2000s, and he has since continued to expand his practice in recording and public performance.

"Notes fall ... like careful snowflakes ... on a slow drift into the night" --Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly.

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