The Odyssey Cult - Vol. 2 LP

The Odyssey Cult - Vol. 2 LP

Silver Current Records
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2017 finds Ethan Miller (Feral Ohms, Howlin’ Rain) in an extended creative burst of projects both musical and literary, and yet he was able to find the time to complete The Odyssey Cult, a highly personal, sprawling two-volume, solo electric guitar project. Four years in the making and his first solo instrumental guitar-oriented release, self-described as “amp melt and high volume ambient,” it is as indebted to the great minimalists and loop pioneers as to guitar-oriented Krautrock, cult film soundtrack music and the great feedback-riding, amp destroyers of the ’60s to present.

Miller used Homer’s The Odyssey and Joyce’s Ulysses as abstract guides to create his own epic sonic narrative from an overload of information and material. A journey, an epic poem, a meditation, a long, rich dream that loosens all sense of space and time—ultimately confusing history, moment and self.

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